About Redpoint

What we do...

Redpoint provides technical information security services and related consulting services, ranging from Security Training and enterprise security assessments and testing to custom services that include Targeted Email Phishing campaigns and Personal Privacy and Digital Security services.  

Our goal with each of our clients is to improve your privacy and security and to mitigate any risks to your data and other important assets.

Why we're different...

Redpoint's information security professionals are Offensive Security certified (OSCP) and SANS-certified (GWAPT, GPEN, GCIH).  We provide effective security by approaching your personal digital security needs and the security of your business environment from the perspective of a potential 3rd-party attacker or malicious insider. We detect and then demonstrate potential holes in your security, and those stemming from your personal or business communications with 3rd-parties, and then we work closely with your IT resources or other designated points of contact to address each vulnerability that we find.

Our findings and recommendations are delivered in both technical and non-technical formats, and we verbally debrief both your IT team and your management team on each of our recommendations, to ensure that each aspect of our assessments and testing translate to actionable, manageable intelligence.

We also provide remediation (engineering) services and post-remediation (verification) services, as needed, to ensure that each vulnerability has been properly addressed.

Please see our Services page for more information, or contact us today for a complimentary discussion about how we can best support your specific information security needs.